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Thread: Conversation options for talking to maplestory2
Created on: 12/06/18 03:21 AM Replies: 0

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Conversation options for talking to maplestory2
12/06/18 3:21 AM

Maplestory was good before because there was a big community, there was always people available to play and chat. I think if nexon opened GMS to more areas players would return NX would be purchased. I am certain that if the game got more lively, many north american players will come back to the game.

I meanwe know nexon bans the IP so nexon could market maplestory2 mesos the game rights to firms natives to those regions, but from my experience, Maplestory in my state (Brazil) failed miserably simply because there were not many players round. Unless they think the game is going to continue in the long run, people won't purchase cash.

I like to know that everyday that I will wake up and play the game without even surprises because of a business that is stupid. I am sure many men and women think like me. Having IP ban in GMS, even in 2015, is a big indicator that nexon wishes to kill the game indefinitely. Especially for Explorer, Cygnus Knight and non-maplestory2 Demon/Xenon Resistance personalities (since those tend to get treated by the story as members of a team, rather than a specific individual).

Seriously, I can not be the only individual who tends to dislike most of the present conversation options for talking to maplestory2 NPCs ( https://www.4ms2.com/). Would not it be cool if we can, upon making our character, assign them a set of specific personality traits that would determine the wording of your pursuit dialogue?
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