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Thread: Adobe CF source code breach
Created on: 10/08/13 03:11 PM Replies: 1

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Adobe CF source code breach
10/08/13 3:11 PM

While I'm aware that NewAtlanta's source code is a bit removed from Adobe's, I'm wondering what this breach means for BlueDragon owners and servers. Are we at risk of some soon to be found exploit??

For those not aware, Adobe's source code breach, which includes Coldfusion, and has just been released by Adobe recently (though known for more than a month), is bad, real bad.

Adobe "says the hackers grabbed source code for "an as-yet undetermined number of software titles, including [Adobe's] ColdFusion Web application platform..."

If you have not heard of this please visit:

Read more: http://techland.time.com/2013/10/04/8-things-we-know-so-far-about-adobes-customer-data-breach/#ixzz2h9v0hbcP


Any thought are welcome so I can breath easier (my boss is upon me!)
Thx, Robert
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RE: Adobe CF source code breach
10/10/13 1:57 PM

BlueDragon's implementation is so different from Adobe ColdFusion there's no chance this will have any effect on BlueDragon.
Vince Bonfanti, New Atlanta
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