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Thread: Windows 10 will only use Microsoft Basic Display Driver after update
Created on: 05/29/18 10:35 AM Replies: 0

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Windows 10 will only use Microsoft Basic Display Driver after update
05/29/18 10:35 AM


I just updated to build 10565 and now I can only use Microsoft Basic Display Driver for the display, so I'm stuck at 1280x1024 at best.
My Radeon HD 3850 is listed under Display adapters in Device Manager, but it says "No drivers are installed for this device." in the properties. However, it also says that the driver version is 15.200.1060.0 so there's a driver but it's not loaded for some reason? Updating the driver just says that the best driver for the device is already installed.
This has happened once before after an update and I solved it somehow, I just can't remember how.
The HD 3850 is apparently not officially supported in Win 10, but it has worked fine since january except these two times.
Any ideas?

Please help.

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