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Thread: HELP! Soundcard and SD Slot issues, installation of new software.
Created on: 06/20/17 02:54 AM Replies: 0

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HELP! Soundcard and SD Slot issues, installation of new software.
06/20/17 2:54 AM

Hi all,

I've registered with this forum as I need some help, urgently.

Three years ago, I made the decision to switch my Dell Dimension 3100 completely - and exclusive - over to Linux, as a neighbour had converted my families systems quite successfully and Microsoft nearly destroyed the system.

For the first year, it was fine, however, despite requests to the neighbour to teach me how to learn how to use Linux and take ownership for myself, he's been incredibly unwilling to allow me any control over my own PC (he even locked the Root password with one of his own, which I've now successfully discovered after months of trying). This is left me as a complete Linux noob for three years.

The issue got worse when again, he updated my Mandriva to the current system I have now (I can't tell you which one exactly, I'll come back to you). He then got taken ill, disappeared which has left me adrift in terms where I can go next.

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