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Thread: ÅåÄäÖö in URL
Created on: 07/24/13 07:00 AM Replies: 1

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ÅåÄäÖö in URL
07/24/13 7:00 AM

I can´t view documents on our server when the url contains the letters Åå,Ää an Öö (Swedish) for example http;//www.something.com/documents/årsmöte/test.txt. It´s a major problem for us because many of our uploaded documents contains these characters. We are using Servlet Exec Version 6.0. Hope someone can help!
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Joined: 07/23/13
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RE: ÅåÄäÖö in URL
07/24/13 9:42 AM

What is the web server? not all web servers can handle these characters...

try to do some isolation testing.

hope that helps.
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