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Thread: Cfmail in Russian: base64 vs quote-printable
Created on: 02/05/16 10:34 AM Replies: 0

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Cfmail in Russian: base64 vs quote-printable
02/05/16 10:34 AM

I'm having trouble with Russian characters in html emails. On the receiving end, I'm seeing Урок..., or the body is cutoff or not displaying at all, depending on which email client I test in. Some email clients read the same emails fine.
The emails are converted as base64 and the source code appears to fine despite if they render properly.
If I add more English than Russian characters in the body, the emails are converted as quoted-printable and there are no problems at all.
I guess I have a few questions:
Are there settings for the cfmailer?
What is the algorithm that decides quoted-printable over base64?
Are there any updates to the cfmailer?
I currently have "X-Mailer-Version: 7,1,1,17948"
I'm pretty new to Blue Dragon so any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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