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Thread: 404 error because of wrong documentroot
Created on: 07/25/12 01:20 PM Replies: 0

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404 error because of wrong documentroot
07/25/12 1:20 PM

I am seeing a 404 error in my apache logs.

When I look in the apache access log, it is trying to make a POST to POST /affwebservices/public/saml2assertionconsumer

In the apache error log, this is because it is looking in the wrong place. It looking in my DocumentRoot defined in httpd.conf. So, for example it looks in:

[path to my web app]/affwebservices

...and of course it's not there. ServletExec should know nothing about that path.

/affwebservices is either in the ServletExec instance or in our CA (Siteminder) option pack path. Not sure which it uses, I see it in both places.

This install was actually working fine until we recently restarted apache and servletexec.

Limited on what info I can provide, but can someone please point me in the right direction here for troubleshooting? - thanks.
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