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Thread: The ServletExec 6.0 July 2010 hotfix is now available
Created on: 07/07/10 05:12 PM Replies: 0

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The ServletExec 6.0 July 2010 hotfix is now available
07/07/10 5:12 PM

Greetings !

The following ServletExec hotfix is now available:

July 2010 hotfix for ServletExec 6.0

It contains both native and java portions. All portions relevant to your given system (Windows vs Linux, IIS vs Apache for example) must be applied to ensure proper operation of ServletExec.

This hotfix supersedes all SE 6.0 patches that exist at this time.

Hotfixes are cumulative, so they contain all the fixes found in their previous hotfix counterparts.

Some components were updated to fix bugs, while others were left as they were in the previous update.

For more details about these bugs, please view the ReleaseNotes.txt for your specific hotfix online at the New Atlanta website.

You may obtain hotfixes (& ReleaseNotes) for your configuration of SE at:


You may also find SE FAQ #195 to be of use:

It is recommended that all those who use ServletExec 6.0 with IIS apply this hotfix.

New Atlanta Communications, LLC
Matt McGinty, New Atlanta Technical Support
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