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Thread: CFIF performing as CFset
Created on: 09/27/13 08:23 AM Replies: 1

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CFIF performing as CFset
09/27/13 8:23 AM

Hi due to an error I opened up the whole site as an administrator.

Using like

<cfset x = 0>

<cfset profile = "User">

<cfif x = 1>
<cfset profile = "Admin">

Print <cfoutput>#profile#</cfoutput>

[Admin was printed]

The problem is that I didn't use the corect eq instead I used =, and this translates into <cfset x=1>

Is there a patch to cover this bug.
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RE: CFIF performing as CFset
01/13/16 5:00 AM

As no authority has answered I assume there is no patch but it is "by design" and probably consistent with ColdFusion. It indeed has caught me out a few times but a misuse of "=" has become one of the first things I go looking for during testing when the same logic path is followed when it shouldn't.
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