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Thread: how to do the PreparedStatement for Arrays or ArrayList?
Created on: 06/20/17 02:49 AM Replies: 0

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how to do the PreparedStatement for Arrays or ArrayList?
06/20/17 2:49 AM

Dear expert,

I have a table name tutor where one of the column named subject has mulitples values.

First, I have a jsp form and user can tick as many checkboxes, and the values will go into the subject column of my table - tutor in the database.

But, I do not know how to set and get the subject in order for the values of the checkboxes to be inserted into database.
ps.setString(13, m.getRemark());
List<String> list = Arrays.asList(m.getSubject());
ps.setArray(14, (Array) list); // ps is the PreparedStatement
please help.

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