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Thread: ServletExec crashing every day in production
Created on: 07/26/11 04:51 PM Replies: 2

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ServletExec crashing every day in production
07/26/11 4:51 PM

Our production systems run affinity authentication using ServletExec and two SunOne web servers. Every day around 2pm EDT the system becomes unavailable and we have to execute a restoral algorithm (stop servletexec, stop web servers, sleep 180, start servletexec, sleep 180, start web servers).

This is having a very negative effect on our customers. I'm not sure if Bank of America has a support contract with you guys. Do you have any suggested tuning tweaks for ServletExec 5? I'm not sure yet why we are running your product in both modes (standalone and nsapi plugin on the SunOne web servers) to accomplish the same goal.


How can we monitor the state of the pool? Would we need to tweak -Xmx and -Xms if we tweak the pool?

In our obj.conf we definitely are loading the ServletExec filter.

Service method="(GET|HEAD|POST)" type="magnus-internal/nac" fn="ServletExecService"

Are there any tweaks we can make on that filter to stabilize it? Thanks

Craig Guthrie
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RE: ServletExec crashing every day in production
07/27/11 3:02 PM

We don't show Bank of America having bought a support contract from us. I'll see if I can't give you some tips though.

The first thing I'd try to do is determine what exactly is going wrong when it crashes. The things I'd look at when the problem occurs are:

1. What's happening at 2pm EDT? Are background tasks kicked off or is that just the busiest part of the day.

2. Do the SunONE or ServletExec log files indicate any errors?

3. Do the web servers continue to serve static content (HTML pages, images, etc.)? If not then most likely the problem is in the web server or in the ServletExec filter code.

4. Are the web servers or the ServletExec java process using a lot of memory? If so then maybe there's a memory leak or the system needs to use more memory than is available.

It sounds like you are using ServletExec AS with one web server and ServletExec NSAPI with the other web server. Note that the pool settings are only for the ServletExec AS version.

I'm afraid there's no way to monitor the state of the pool. You can look at the TCP/IP connections on your machine using the unix command netstat. This might give you insight into how many connections are in the pool and their state.

If you change the pool settings, you should not tweak the -Xmx and -Xms settings. These settings are for java only. The pool settings are only used by the ServletExec AS filter which is written in native code.
Paul Bonfanti, New Atlanta
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RE: ServletExec crashing every day in production
12/09/12 2:18 PM

Did anyone find a solution for this problem? I have a similar situation where Apache is in front of ServletExec. We get calls that the website is not responding. I check the apache - it's running, servletexec- running - but application is not accessible. On the servletexec server when I do a netstat on the port - I get more than 900 connections established(and never closed). The pool settings are default - as it's in this thread - 5 and increment 10.

netstat -an | grep 8888

I just have to restart the services one by one and everything is restored and available for the next few days when again this situation happens. What should I do?
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