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Thread: My aspirations of becoming a unix/linux
Created on: 06/16/18 08:26 AM Replies: 0

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My aspirations of becoming a unix/linux
06/16/18 8:26 AM

I currently work on a Desktop Support team at a university hospital. Our IS department does a good job at moving people around and some of us will end up on server team (mostly windows, novell, and citrix servers) others will maybe go to support a certain application for a hospital department, but there is no path that is directed at learning Linux and Unix. What would you suggest I do besides "playing" around with Linux at home, which I've been doing for about 6 months now. I've become quite proficient in a lot of areas of the OS, but I know this won't be enough. It seems a lot of UNIX admins out there had great on the job training and worked their way in. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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