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Thread: [JX 7.1] No query string if there is a path info.
Created on: 05/23/17 05:40 AM Replies: 0

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[JX 7.1] No query string if there is a path info.
05/23/17 5:40 AM


I'm using JX 7.1 behind a reverse proxy.

If I have an url like t.cfm?test=123, the query string is correct.

If I have some path info, like t.cfm/v1/test?val=123, the path info variable is correct but the query string is empty : the URL variable is empty, and getPageContext().getRequest().getQueryString() is empty too.

I don't have this problem when using a servlet. But I have to make the code work with a reverse proxy.

So, do you notice the same behavior ? Or is is my web server (Apache 2) that have wrong configuration maybe.

Thank you
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