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Thread: Suggests that the entire event is fortnite items
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Suggests that the entire event is fortnite items
12/06/18 3:22 AM

Another challenge has you deal 250 headshot damage to opponents; just do your best to aim high, and you'll be able to grind your way for this one. And again, that's true of eliminating three opponents in Pleasant Park--start enough matches there, luck into a weapon before someone else, and you need to be able to look after it without too much trouble. For the two of the removal challenges, your very best choice is to attempt this in a solo playlist, so which you can avoid coping with revives.

Fortnite is teasing another special something, and fans are once more speculating like crazy about what it might imply. A missile launch appears imminent, because of a countdown clock attached to an evil lair that appeared spontaneously on creens across the

The obvious conclusion is that the battle royale game is preparing to alter the map again. Following a very long tease of a meteor
in the sky, it struck land and produced a new place in addition to several hidden secrets. This countdown may signal the same thing: after the timer hits zero, the missile launches and affects some region of the map, leaving it changed and ushering in Season 5.

Then there are wilder theories. A user on Reddit (https://www.mmogo.com/Fortnite/Items.html) suggests that the entire event is tied to the Winter Solstice
in the southern hemisphere and Inca traditions.
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