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Thread: IIS 7.5 issue with classic asp and Servlet Exec
Created on: 03/10/15 11:05 AM Replies: 0

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IIS 7.5 issue with classic asp and Servlet Exec
03/10/15 11:05 AM

Environment: Windows 2008 R2 64bit, IIS 7.5

IIS Base: Has ISAPI and CGI Restrictions setup for ServletExec - allowed.

Application Pool - set to Classic, Allow 32 bit to True, user has proper permissions to ServletExec.dll folder/file. Proper 32bit dll from July 2010 is in folder.

Website: Mix of classic ASP, ASP.Net and ServletExec apps. Some classic ASP pages perform redirects to ServletExec apps. Due to authentication requirements, wildcard scripting (to ASP.Net 4.0) is required on the site. Scripts virtual directory set up with ISAPI-dll ennabled and wildcard mapping removed on the virtual directory.

Issue: Once the ServletExec ISAPI filter is set on the site, ALL requests are routed to ServletExec so the Classic ASP page is now just displaying either this message:
'The application whose context path is "/" could not find a file or servlet for this URL'
or the raw script code (e.g. <% Respsone.Redirect('/myServletApp/') instead of performing the redirect. Attempts to call the ServletExec app directly are successful.

I've tried re-ordering the handler mappings without success. Any advice would be helpful.

Side note: We have this setup and working correctly on Windows 2003 and IIS6 - no issues withe the wild card mapping. We are moving to Windows 2008/IIS7.5 since support for 2003 is ending.
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