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Thread: Where's StopServletExec ?
Created on: 09/28/13 07:21 PM Replies: 2

Joined: 09/28/13
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Where's StopServletExec ?
09/28/13 7:21 PM

I have installed ServletExec 6.0 on two different SiteMinder (Solaris 10) servers with the following specs;
Java base = /usr/bin/java < JDK/JRE 1.6
Install Dir = /global/site/vendor/CA
Web Server = Built-in web server
Instance = oneview
Port = 8000
Admin ID = Standard smuser / pw

I get the following message;
ServletExec 6.0 instance 'se-oneview' for the Built-in web server on SunOS has installed successfully!

When I go to the new folder;
I only find the following directories . . .

NOTE: I have installed ServletExec on previous servers using an Apache Web Server without any issues.

Please advise as to what I may be missing here?
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Joined: 09/28/13
Posts: 2
RE: Where's StopServletExec ?
09/28/13 7:38 PM

After beating my head against the cubical wall - "all both" of my BCs <Brain Cells> generated a thought.

I used the actual Java Path "/usr/jdk/instances/jdk1.6.0/jre"

I am proud to say - the Stop & Start exist.
and ServletExec successfully starts.

With that - off to the local pub to give my BCs a refreshing dip (beer-bath).
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Couldn't able to find the StartServletExec and StopServletExec scripts in se-<instancename> folder in linux
03/13/17 3:53 PM

I have installed ServletExec 6.0 on SiteMinder (RHEL 6.x) servers with the following specs;
Java base = /usr/java < JDK/JRE 1.7.0_51
Install Dir = /opt/CA/NewAtlanta
Web Server = Apache (httpd 2.2.31)
Instance = oneview
Port = 8888
Admin ID = admin / pw

After successful installation I couldnt able to find the startup or stop scripts in the /opt/CA/NewAtlanta/ServletExecAS/se-OneViewAS directory. where I can see the
Servets , classes ,webapps,ServletExecData firectories only.

Please advise!!
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